About Peer to Peer (P2P) Financial Solutions

Peer to Peer P2P) Financial Solutions is a 100% wholly black owned business operating under DEMS Holdings group. P2P offers financial solutions in the form of Personal Loans, Business Loans, Employees Overdraft and Emergency Loans at affordable interest rates. We are committed to providing easy and user friendly application process. Loans will be approved within minutes without too much paperwork or queues.

We practice responsible lending and follow best practices and compliance as prescribed under NCR Regulations. We always perform a pre-approval screening and if all is well, the loan requested will be deposited to the borrower using their most convenient mode of payment.

Most of clients are blacklisted and loan sharks charge exorbitant interests, in some cases charged 50% of what they have borrowed but we are there to bridge this gap in the market. We take risk where other financial institutions are not willing to do so.

P2P also offer assistance to small business(SME) with RFQ’s or Tender Purchase Order Funding and charge interest based on the amount financed and value of the contract. The charged interest is negotiable. 

For Personal loans, Emergency loans and Employees overdrafts, If you have anything of value you can use that as surety or collateral e.g Household items (TV, Fridge, Bed, Cellphone, Laptop) any asset that can be exchanged between two parties, you don’t have to own asset like a property in order to get a loan.

P2P is changing the way business done. We offer very flexible repayment methods. This is the financial institution that understand and speaks to your needs.

We also offer Overdraft to Employees. We top up salaries every month to cover all basic needs.

We are not going to compromise our clients’ personal details. Our Relationship is based on Trust, Reliability, Transparency and Secure business practices.

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Responsible Lender
Understand People Needs
Privacy & Data Security
Respect Our Clients
Clear & Truthful Information
Best Customer Experience

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