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We have simplified the process. Apply for a Personal Loan, Business Loan, Employees Overdraft or Emergency Loan
in minutes without painful paperwork or waiting in queues.
We can help you get the money you need.

Designing solutions that understand and speak to your needs.
Lets change the way we transact and do business.

How Much Do You Need?

Loan Calculator

* Interest charged at 25%

How Does It Work?

Step One

Choose your Loan

Fill in an application form here on the website (Download Form)
Make a request on our website and wait for a response to e-mail within 15-30 minutes from the time of request during business hours.

Step Two

Our manager will contact you to clear up the details.

Your profile is screened and if all is well,

Loan is approved

Step Three

Sign Agreement Contract

Receive your money in the most convenient way.

Thereafter, Loan Repayment will be expected as per agreement contract.

What Do I Need To Apply


Certified copy of your ID

Proof of Residence

Residence address in the form of Water or Electricity bill and Account bills (Edgars etc)

Bank Statement

Three (3) months bank statement as proof for regular source of income.


Security (Fridge,Bed TV,Car etc). Anything of value that can be exchanged for loan amount.

Still Have Some Questions Left?

Call us for a Free Consultation +27 60 632 4216


We are funding Tenders RFQ’s (Request for Quotation) and Purchase Orders
both  from Government Departments and Private business entities

Loyalty Cashback Reward

P2P has developed a Cashback Reward program for thanking you on doing business with us. Figures below show example calculated profit margin based on interest earned.
* Principal = R10 000; Interest earned = R10 000 x 25% = R2 500
* Profit Margin = R2 500 / 10 = R250 (every six months).
R250 becomes Cashback Reward to our loyal client.

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1 year ago

My loan application was very quick and easy. Within a day, money was deposited into my account. Thank you P2P.

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