Purchase Order Funding

Request For Quotation (RFQ) Funding

‘Capital’ for many small to medium companies has been the bottleneck to their success.  We at P2P Financial Solutions understand the strain of not having the funds to meet the needs of a particular project. We have therefore established ourselves to bridge the financial gap between the Service Provider (SP) and the Supplier. 

P2P finances Tenders and RFQ’s (Request for Quotation) both Government Departments and Private business entities.

When a Purchase Order has been issued to a service provider, we come in to facilitate the purchasing and delivery of the products (equipment, office items, hygiene materials etc ) to the specified address and get payment afterwards. The Purchase Order and Tender documents acts as proof for a valid RFQ funding.  All the details of the entity offering the Tender and the Supplier selling the products will be carefully managed by us to ensure transparency. 

Please note we don’t finance startups, but only SMEs that have shown potential to grow and have been in business for a at least a year. 

How It Works

Step 1

Complete Funding Application Form Submit Following
Valid Purchase Order
Request for Quotation (RFQ)
Quotation from your Supplier.

Step 2

Funding Application Form reviewed and assessed for approval.
Purchase Order verified and if all is well,
Agreement is established.

Step 3

PO Processing
Products are purchased.
Supplier Quotation Payment.
Products Delivered to specified Client address

Step 4

Fund Repayment
Upon Purchase Order Payment from Client, Funding amount and agreed Interest is paid to P2P Financial Solutions.
Contract is fulfilled and terminated

Ready To Proceed?

Why Choose Us


No Security Is Needed


No Credit Assessment

Fast and Easy

Fluent Process From End to End

Still Have Some Questions Left?

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